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Create a Web app / APK app

In this section we use IoTize Studio to modify the demo app and:

We assume you followed the quickstart on the packaging and observed how the behaviour of the app changes

Note: If you have an NFC-BLE Primer (ref: TnL-PRIMER-NB), see here.

Publish a Web app using IoTize Studio (5 minutes)

Required resources: TapNLink Primer Kit, 5V micro USB power cable, Android/iOS smartphone, and a Windows PC with IoTize Studio installed. Java machine users should apply the most recent firmware update.

  1. Launch IoTize Studio, the Sensor demo project opens: Sensor demo config snapshot.
  2. Connect IoTize Studio to your Tap.
  3. Customize the app.

  4. Save your project in a directory where you have full read/write access (the Sensor demo is in the Program files directory).

  5. Setup IoTize Studio to create a Web app.
  6. Click on Configure and Test | Reboot your Tap.
  7. Observe your Web app from the Web view in IoTize Studio.
  8. Publish, then test the app from your phone.

How to to build a Web App / APK mobile app gives a more detailed explanation.

Generate your own APK app using IoTize Studio (15 minutes)

In this section we create an APK app, generate it as a new app, and save it on your Tap.

  1. Create an APK app (using the App Generator), then click on Generate App.
  2. Click on Configure, then Test | Reboot Tap.
  3. Click on Monitor to verify your configuration.

Refer to general concepts and user manuals for further details.

Default values after factory reset

See TapNLink User Manual for factory reset info.