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Firmware Update

With the Tap-Studio Utility, you may update the firmware of your IoTize products.

Connect to your Tap

On the main page of Tap-Studio, you will be asked to connect to the device you want to update

BLE connection page

There, you may use the BLE connectivity of your browser*, or a webSocket for WiFi Taps, in order to communicate with your device.

* This feature is only available on Chrome's latests versions.

connection ble
By clicking the SCAN button, Chrome allows you to select the tap you want to update

Once paired with your device, the application shows the actual state of your Tap. If you may perform a firmware update, it will be displayed on the following page:

home page

Click on the update button. It will open the firmware updater page.

firmware update

Here, with your tap informations, Tap-Studio will suggest you the latest firmware available for your product. You also may select other firmware versions amongst the ones your device can use.

Click the "update to v XXX" and start the firmware update routine. You will be able to see the progression of the update as it passes through the steps of the process. Expect about 5 minutes to perform a complete firmware update through BLE.

firmware update running
Progression of the firmware update is displayed in real time

firmware update success
Confirmation of the firmware update

Your device is now up to date with the latest firmware.