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TapNLink NFC modules' low cost, low energy solution is perfect for periodic configuration of the target system using 3-stroke™ configuration:

  1. Tap to launch the app and retrieve current parameters.
  2. Modify parameters in the app.
  3. Tap again to update the parameters.

You can create a simple app to demonstrate this feature.


Energy harvesting

Our NFC modules offer energy harvesting, allowing them to be powered entirely by mobile devices during communication.

Simply select the Mobile App | Energy harvesting option.

Iphone users

Iphone users* are limited to a 20 second NFC connection, so we recommend you develop your app either:

  • with an Android phone, and only test it with an Iphone.
  • with an Iphone on an NFC/BLE TapNLink, then load the config file into your TnL-FIT20x for testing.

* Apple users should consult this page to ensure their compatibility.