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Factory reset

  • If you lose the administrator password, you can no longer change your Tap's configuration.
  • In this case, you must erase the current configuration and recover the factory configuration using the hardware factory reset procedure, presented here.
  • This feature can be disabled in IoTize Studio from menu IoTized Application\Tap\Configuration Access control\By hardware signal but it is strongly advised to keep the default value 'Yes' (otherwise reconfiguration won't be possible).

Hardware factory reset

The PA7 pad on the PCB of your Tap must be linked to ground during power-on to perform a factory reset:


  1. Power off the module.
  2. Connect the HW_FR signal (P1A.7) to the ground (P1B.1) and keep them connected.
  3. Power on the module.
  4. Wait for 10 seconds.
  5. Power off the module.
  6. Disconnect the HW_FR.
  7. Power on the module again: the default configuration is reloaded.
SWD 10-point connector modules SWD 5-point connector modules
Connect pad P1 to GND (pin 7 connector J2) Connect pad P2 to GND (pin 7 connector J2)
Image Image

Studio factory reset

If you can connect to the Tap, you can do a factory reset from IoTize Studio: Configuration -> Clear (Factory Reset).

After factory reset

The factory reset values are:

  • WiFi password: ABCD1234
  • WiFi network: TAP_
  • IP number:
  • Service name/Port: 2000
  • Network mode: Access Point
  • Studio | Configuration version: 0.0.0. This must be 0.0.1 or higher.

A factory reset removes the Sensor demo.

If you want to use your current project to reconfigure the Tap, check these options before you Test Connection, Configure, then Test | Reboot Tap.

  • Studio: Connection to Tap -> Socket host name/IP =
  • Reconnect to the Taps WiFi network.
  • App AAR to access the Sensor demo: (the default app is Tap manager