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IoTize Primer Cloud Services

Not to be confused with TapCLOUD (which manages devices and applications and is for all devices, not just Primers).

IoTize Primer Cloud Services cover the following features:

In the future, other services will be available:

  • Event logging
  • Commands from the cloud
  • Firmware update
  • Data access through "cloud APIs"

The access to the Primer Cloud Services is free but there are "use quotas" per Primer.

The general architecture can be adapted to:

  • Expand the storage and visualization services proposed by IoTize Primer Cloud Platform
  • Connect with your existing cloud platform or third party IOT platform

Refer to application notes “customize the IoTize IOT gateway"


Data collection, storage and display services use information in the configuration file generated by IoTize Studio (example: logged variables and their types).

IoTize Primer Cloud Services keeps a copy of this configuration file, you can display it from the menu MyPrimer > Configuration > View details.

When you publish a new configuration from IoTize Studio, the new configuration file is uploaded (published) to IoTize Primer Cloud Services (through a MQTT-broker based bridge).

  • Only the last version of the configuration file is stored
  • the data corresponding to the former configuration is deleted
  • if you want to keep the previous data for further analysis, you must use the "Export" accessible from the data logging menu


Primer usage is limited by Quotas. Once your quota is reached, you lose access to IoTize Primer Cloud Services.

If you need further quota you must get the Standard TapNLink, but you may get extra quota in certain cases (contact for further information).

The quotas are defined per Primer (not per user) and the initial quantity is 5000 "units of use". The quota can be seen in the dashboard of MyPrimers.XXXX

Here are some "units of use" examples, based on the sensor demo application:XXXX

  • Charging factory configuration: 1 unit
  • Relaying 700 messages (corresponding to about 5 h of data logging for the sensor demo application): 10 units
  • Displaying graphs (1000 most recent values): 7 units
  • Exporting data: 3

Account management

In general, the creation of the IoTize TapCLOUD account and the associated Tap Manager Tap is done in the registration process.

  • Account creation: You can create an account from the IoTize connection screen using the Create account button, simply logout of your existing account to access this screen

  • Tap / account association: When you register your Tap you can associate it with an existing IoTize account by entering the login and password for that account. An account can be associated with several Taps

  • Transfer ownership: You can transfer a Tap to another account as follows:

  • Create a new account if required (menu « create account”).

  • Connect to the "original" account.
  • From My Account > Change Association, type in the new account and validate.
  • The new account receives a confirmation email.
  • The original account loses access to all information for this Tap.

Data logging

  • Only the last 1000 values are shown (but you can download more if needed)
  • Contact us if you need to change this limit
  • The Data logging Export command saves your data into compressed csv files