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IoTize Studio software installation and release notes

IoTize software environment for managing configuration of TapNLink, TapNPass, Tapioca and TapBus connectivity devices. Runs on Windows-based PCs. Refer to release notes for more information.

Software installation:

IoTizeStudio v2.36.24.0088 (28 March 2024)

Release notes: Release notes IoTizeStudio

Duetware - Tap firmware

In order to update IoTize wireless products to the latest version of Duetware, see our firmware update note.

Ride7 & RKit-JVM

Tools to debug java code that you have written for DuetWare's Java Virtual Machine can be downloaded from the raisonance support website.


This github dedicated website and its specific Getting Started will help you add TapNLink to your Arduino boards and create a mobile HMI.

IoTize tool

IoTize (Desktop - Multi platforms) node.js based CLI toolbox.

Mobile apps

IoTize Tap Manager

Our companion app for IoTize wireless products helps with device connection, configuration, first HMI creation and execution/testing of HMI as dynamic dashboards.

Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store

IoTize Tap Toolbox

Our companion app for TapNPass and Tapioca works as a simple terminal application or a Modbus communication utility.

Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store

MCU Flasher

This programming app allows you to program microcontrollers from a smartphone using TapNLink. The supported MCUs are the Cortex M-based devices (including all STM32 families) which are supported by the Raisonance tools (Ride7, RFlasher).

Get it on Google Play

Third party tools

Java OpenJDK 1.8

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