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Build your App

Once your project settings have been set, you can generate it. There are several types of generation available, but some require a certain level of subscription:

Type of generation Level of registration
Android Debug APK Standard and higher
Project Source Pro and higher
Web app Pro and higher
Xcode project Standard and higher

Note: The free level of registration does not allow to generate a static App (e.g. APK or IPA), but only to use your dashboards in Dynamic mode (e.g. from Tap Manager).

Android APK

If you click on Android Debug APK, the online server will generate an APK and you will receive an email when it is ready to download. You can then download it from your Android mobile phone and install it.

Note that you will then be able to share this file, but it will not be possible to publish it to Play Store as long as it is an application in debug mode.

Once downloaded, follow the instructions described on the ionic website.

Xcode project

If you select 'xcode project', you will similarly upload a project to be built in Apple's Xcode environment (accessible from a MacOS system). Note that this project contains source files, but in an obfuscated format.

Once downloaded, follow the instructions described on the ionic website.

Project source

This option is only accessible from the 'Pro' level (or higher). It will generate Ionic projects consisting of readable and editable (non-obfuscated) source files. These projects are editable and will allow you to easily add features not supported by App Creator. However, if you change the content, you won't be able to easily edit them in App Creator.

Once you project is created, you will need to repare it, then to build it. You will have first to install:

  • node.js

  • then Angular CLI: npm install -g @angular/cli@13.1.4

Web app

This format also allows you to retrieve a project of source files, but in HTML format. The project can either be unzipped on an HTTP server, or, if node.js is installed on your computer, it can simply be run locally from a terminal that accepts a Linux command line:

MINGW64 /c/tmp/testwebapp/webapp
$ npx local-web-server --spa index.html --https
Listening on https://Pravouta:8000,,,


Launching your application in Web-App format has the same limitations as for Tap Manager:

  • browsers do not support socket (Wi-Fi) or NFC connections,
  • only some browsers (including Chrome) support BLE
  • MQTT is supported by all browsers.

Publish your app on Play store or App store

Follow the steps of this ionic documentation : Publishing Your Android or iOS App in Google Play & App Store

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