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Tools to be installed

Links to all the tools to download are available here: Downloads

Iotize provides 5 groups of tools:

  • Iotize Studio: main utility (on Windows only) to configure your Taps. Two versions are available: GUI (Graphic User Interface) or CLI (Command Line Interface).
  • App Creator: Editor to design you mobile application.
  • App Generator: to generate your mobile App in dynamic mode (to be loaded into a shell App), or in static mode (APK, IPA,...).
  • Tap Manager: the main User Interface to access to your projects to create Apps, or to manage your devices.
  • Java Tools: various tools to generate your byte code and to debug it.

but we recommend that you install first Tap Manager and Iotize Studio.

Tap Manager on your mobile phone

The links for the Android and iOS versions point to the public stores (Play Store and App Store). Tap Manager provides a large toolbox to analyze the current configuration of a device. It also offers an immediate way to test your first Apps.

Note that you will also need the Web App version of Tap Manager, but this version is simply available via a browser at the following address: TapCloud

IoTize Studio on your PC

This is a Windows executable that allows you to configure modules or gateways. It comes in two forms: GUI or CLI. Initially, you'll only need to use the GUI version (graphical user interface), the CLI (command line interface) version is mostly for production.

Other tools are completely optional (e.g. debug tools for Java).

Important :

  1. To use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) on a Windows computer, you need to consider a Windows 10 version or higher.

  2. Not all browsers support BLE. We suggest using Chrome, which was the first to support it, but other browsers are also suitable.

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