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1. A snapshot of the Sensor Demo project config

This page presents the different panes available in the IoTize Studio Graphic User Interface.

If the Sensor Demo project isn't open, use File / Open C:\Program Files (x86)\IoTize\IoTize Studio\Examples\Sensors_STM32_Demo\Sensor_demo.iotz

IOTZ Explorer

The IOTZ Explorer is our main configuration environment. It is subdivided in three branches. IoTize Studio, Duetware Configuration and Mobile App.

IoTize Studio

IoTize Studio has two main parts, the Environment and Tap Connection. Environment has information related to our current project. Tap Connection has information about the Tap and we can also choose how does the IoTize studio communicates with the Tap.

In the Tap Connection we find the Serial Number of your TapNLink (the generic serial number (IoTzPr004100000000)

These settings determine how Studio connects to the Tap and where the Webview is stored. By default IoTize Studio generates the HTML pages in a subfolder of the project file.

Note: Unlike the other options, the 'Studio' settings concern only the development environment and are not uploaded to the Tap during the configuration process.

Duetware Configuration

The Duetware configuration area is subdivided into General Settings, Bundles, and Profiles

General Settings

In the General Settings area, we will find configuration settings and Information about the Tap, the device we are connecting to, how will this device connect to telephones or cloud and whether or not we decide to use the JVM.


Expand the Tap, and observe the Product Type settings. They specify the target board (if any) and the type of connection between TapNLink and the target board.Furthermore we can choose the type of TAP we are connecting to from the drop down menu (Leave it in TapNLink Generic for this exercise

We also find information regarding the Product key as well as advance options for security and power consumption.

These settings define which radio protocol will be used between the Tap and the mobile device. They also detail the modes for each protocol.

These settings specify whether an IoT platform should be used; either to control the Tap remotely, or to store information, for example datalogging.


On the IOTZ Explorer under Duetware Configuration expand Bundles. You will see 3 bundles with associated users. Click on the users to see their read/write permissions.

Profiles and Users

A Profile can be linked to bundles with specific rights. A User just inherits the rights of the parent profile. A User has a specific password.

The Tech profile has 2 users: user and Paul. Passwords can be given to them and to the parent profile.

Mobile App

In this area we can choose the type of application that we will be working with, HTML, Generated app or Custom app for predefined AAR.

RESOURCES (variables)

List of the available resources for the bundle contents. Bold resources are already linked with a bundle.

Click on a resource to see more information about it.

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