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Tap Manager for connected device

You are asked to use the External app or to Continue:

  • Select Continue to observe the Tap information
  • Select External app to observe the monitoring app.

You can toggle between these choices at any time, by swiping the screen from left to right.

If Tap Manager cannot find your app (404 not found), this means that the Tap cannot find the specified home page on the specified server. Swipe from left to right to see the Info menu which will show you where the app should be. Republish in the correct place and reconfigure the Tap.


Displays the current Tap configuration.


  • Reads the URL and AAR configured on the Tap.
  • Accesses your App in the Cloud (internet connection required).
  • Connects your Tap to your App.
  • Runs your App in the WebView.

Data Logging

Displays the Options and the logging

UART settings

Displays the current settings: Read/Write Physical port no, Modbus Timeout, Handshake, Handshake delimiter, Modbus first register, Baud rate, Databits, Bit parity, Stop bit.

Allows you to edit these settings.

More actions

Change password Factory reset Firmware update

Set up Relay

To create a socket relay if you have an NFC or BLE:

  1. Do not open the External app, select Continue here.
  2. TAP: Click to select device.
  3. SOCKET: Click to connect (change the IP address/port to the Taps).
  4. Start


Can send raw commands to the Tap.

Back to home

Goes to the Scan for Taps screen.

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