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Manage your device

Once connected, if your device is configured to support a dynamic HMI, the monitoring page will open (below with a pre-configured TapNLink Primer):

From this page, click on the burger icon (at the left top corner) to open the main menu:

This menu provides access to the main actions that will allow you to manage the module:


Displays the current Tap configuration:


The administration page itself allows access to multiple commands:

Note that you must be logged in as administrator to run most of these commands. By default, for a TapNLink Primer, the login/password is admin/admin.

Then, the main commands accessible are:

Command Action
Factory reset Clear the configuration
Configure To upload a new configuration
Firmware update To upload a new Duetware version
Reboot To reset your TapNLink module
Shell To run a raw lwM2M command


To return to the monitoring page.

Wireless connectivity

Allows you to configure wireless protocols (to select a Wi-Fi network SSID, enter the password, etc.).


To list and add a new user if your are logged as supervisor (or administrator).


Relay mode is typically used to connect a 'NFC-only' module to Iotize Studio on a computer. The most convenient way is to use Wi-Fi between your mobile and the computer (that need to be on the same network), then NFC between your mobile and the module.

Relays are possible either through MQTT or Wi-Fi.

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