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Create your App Generator project

When creating a mobile app from Tap Manager connected to App Creator, it is possible to test the app in dynamic mode (e.g. by logging in BLE from the Dashboard Editor). But if you want to test the final app, you need to generate the mobile app that corresponds to your phone's OS (APK for Android or IPA for iOS).

To do this, you need:

  1. first to convert your project into an App Generator project,

  2. then to set the main parameters of the final application,

  3. and finally to generate it.

Converting an App Creator project into an App Generator project

The conversion is done directly from Tap Manager. In the 'burger' menu, click on 'Project'. You then have the option to export your project, but also to convert it:

Edition modes

Click on Convert. You may be asked to save the current project. In this case, make the conversion or accept the version that is already on the server (Remote configuration).

Confirm convert

Once your project has been converted, click on 'Open App Generator Project'. This will take you to the App Builder editor. Several options are then available:

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