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Tap Manager App

Tap Manager provides:

  • a large toolbox to manage your devices,

  • the interface to App Creator and App Generator,

  • the support to test your first Apps in dynamic mode.

Install Tap Manager

Tap Manager can be used either as a Web App from a browser on a computer, or as a mobile application.

The links for the Android and iOS versions point to the public stores (Play Store and App Store):

Get it on Google Play Get it on App Store

As a Web App, just click on this link: Web App version


First of all, it can be used as the standard HMI to access to App Creator or App Generator. However, you can also use it to:

  • Discover a Tap's configuration. This is useful if Studio cannot connect to the Tap (in particular the WiFi connectivity settings, the host name must be the same as Studio | Connection to Tap | Socket host name).

  • Customize it to create a Proof Of Concept App.

  • Set up a relay.

Mobile and WebApp versions

Tap Manager exists in two versions: for mobiles (Android or iOS) and for a PC when it is launched as a WEB App in a browser. In principle, these two versions are identical but they are intended for different uses:

  • the mobile version is mainly used for device management and testing,

  • the WebApp version is mainly dedicated to application design.

This is why, when you launch Tap Manager, you will get two different home pages depending on the version:

  • on a mobile, the 'Run Scanner' page opens,

  • while, on a browser, the 'Workspaces' page opens to access to TapCLOUD features.

But on both version, you can easily switch from one to the other page by swiping the main menu:

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