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Tap Manager App

Tap Manager is a free app that can always connect to your Tap.

Simply launch Tap Manager on a mobile then either:


  • Set up a relay.
  • Discover a Tap's configuration. This is useful if Studio cannot connect to the Tap (in particular the WiFi connectivity settings, the host name must be the same as Studio | Connection to Tap | Socket host name).
  • Customize it to create a Proof Of Concept App.

Create a Proof Of Concept App

This can be useful if you:
  • don't have advanced mobile features such a GPS.
  • don't have mobile App coding skills.
  • don't want to publish an App on the playstore yourself.
  • want low level communication with the Tap to be handled for you.
  1. Customize IoTize Studio:
  2. Set Mobile App | App Type to IoTize 'Tap manager' HTML Web pages.
  3. Set Mobile App, Name and AAR to your chosen values (Tap Manager is
  4. Set IoT Platform to IoTize Primer Cloud.
  5. Set Studio | Automatic Website generation to Yes.
  6. Set Website URL or Path to the pathname of your web app pages.
  7. Configure and Test | Reboot Tap.
  8. Publish App.
  9. View your app: Simply tap the Tap and your App should appear in the WebViewer.

See Getting Started for a detailed description.