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Register a TapNLink/TapNPass

  1. Sign in to TapCLOUD.
  2. Open your workspace.
  3. Click on Devices, then +.

  4. Find the serial number and unique Product key using one of these methods:

  5. Click on READ FROM TAPNLINK if your Tap is connected with:

    • BLE (with CHROME browser on Windows10 / Mac PC with BLE transceiver).
    • MQTT (you must have configured the Tap to use MQTT).
  6. Connect with a mobile app "Tap Manager/Sensor demo" and find the information in the 'Info' page.
  7. Connect from IoTize Studio and run the Configuration | Check in Tap menu (or Test connection button). The information is displayed in the output window.

Note: We assume that you already know how to connect from IoTize Studio or Tap Manager.

  1. Enter the serial number and product key, click on +Register:

Note: The serial number and the product keys are pre-registered in the TapCLOUD database during manufacturing. Only pre-registered data is accepted.

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