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2. Connect IoTize Studio to your Tap

There are many ways to connect Studio and your Tap:

  1. We recommend using BLE that does not require any specific configuration stage. In this case, you need to launch the scanner (BLE device name/scanner) and select your module in the presented list (the name contains the last digits of its serial number).

  1. But if your module features Wi-Fi, you can also select socket mode. We assume below that you have a WiFi access and that your tap is currently configured in Access Point mode (default factory settings). If it is not the case, look at the different possibilities to connect Studio and your Tap and chose a different path.

To use your module in Access Point mode:

  1. Check that on the the IOTZ Explorer|IoTize Studio |Tap Connection options are still Protocol = Socket, Socket host name\IP =

  1. Look at the WiFi networks available to your PC and choose the Tap's network (default WPA2 key ABCD1234).

  2. Click the Test connection button in Studio. If you get errors see Troubleshooting.

The first time you connect:

  • Click OK to "Serial numbers mismatch" message.

  • Click Yes to "Do you want to read the Cloud settings from Tap" message. Indeed, Studio will automatically record the Tap Serial Number and its Product Key as default development platform.

If you had problems and did a factory reset, you must use the default values.

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