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IoTize provides a comprehensive no-code / low-code solution to connect any electronics to a mobile Application and/or to the Cloud:

This site provides the technical information to implement the solution. Depending on your experience, the following links will redirect you to the appropriate pages:

New users

IoTize Taps provide local and remote access to a system's data, the main features and a data flow diagram are shown here.

Experienced users
  • Look at the "How to" documentation.
  • A separate web site provides detailed information about the mobile Apps aspects: Application Development Center APIs.
  • If you plan to use a module without a target processor (to control sensors or/and actuators,...), you will probably have to write some Java code. Several examples are available here. Each example contains description of the hardware (schematic), the Java program, the configuration file and the auto-generated mobile application.
Prospective users
  • Get an overview of IoTize products to discover which solution is best for you. This depends on your usage, Host and Target protocols.
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