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Edit the Dataflow diagram

We begin to clean up the diagram. Click on the button Default view (Show all) then select the leftmost node and with the popup menu, launch the command 'Auto arrange'.

Auto-Arrange command

We want first to display the state of the LED. We need to add an Inline code (unary function) just after the Value extractor of the ledstatus variable:

Auto-Arrange command

The JavaScript contents of the Inline code node is quite simple:

        return ( input != 0) ? "ON" : "OFF"; 
but we have passed the border between the no-code and the low-code worlds.

Then we associate the output of this node to the input value of the graphical component. It can be done either from the Dataflow diagram (see below) or from the Dashboard Editor:

Link to GUI

and we duplicate this node in order to also adapt the color:

Link to GUI

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