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Getting Started With TapNPass

TapNPass differs from a Tapioca in the following features:

  1. The same equipment has RS485, RS232 and USB transceivers,

  2. The USB device operates in Host mode and integrates standard serial communication drivers (CDC, FTDI and CP21xx).

  3. The Nomad model is self-contained and has a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

  4. Serial communications have a high-capacity buffer (56KB).

These three 'step by step' tutorials for TapNPass communications (Serial, Modbus Direct and Modbus Variable) apply to both Fixed and Nomad versions.

  • The Serial Standard tutorial re-configures TapNPass to perform an 'Echo test' using the IoTize Toolbox app. The TapNPass is pre-configured in 'Serial Standard' mode with the IoTize Toolbox app (the NFC tag contains its AAR) which transmits strings to your target system and displays the answer.

  • The Modbus Direct tutorial gets direct access to modbus registers from a mobile application (e.g. IoTize Toolbox).

  • The Modbus Variable tutorial defines modbus registers as monitorable variables within IoTize Studio. Modbus can access variables securely through the access control mechanism.

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