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IoTize Studio

A more detailed overview of Iotize Studio can be found in the Manuals section:

Based on the experience gained previously, different developments are possible. As a first step, we suggest:

Communicate remotely

The Tap Manager application (like the generated applications) can communicate remotely via the MQTT protocol. MQTT communications go through a relay installed on a server (called broker) and it will be necessary to specify which server, and what are the parameters to connect to it. If you want to do some quick testing, you can start with Iotize's broker for which the parameters are simplified (no certificates, only password) and simple to specify.

Switch from SWD to another wired protocol

In the case of Modbus (via UART) or S3P (software-managed SPI), source files will be automatically generated by Iotize Studio. You will then have to add these files to your embedded software and reprogram your device. In the case of S3P, an application note will help you with this.

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