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About STM32 Target App (the 'Blue Pill')


The target board consists of:
  • STM32F103 microcontroller, with:
    • built-in temperature sensor
    • 32-K EPROM, pre-programmed with the Sensor Demo firmware
  • LED
  • Oscillator
  • TapNLink connector
  • MicroUSB connector (power supply)
Main functionalities of the target firmware:
  • Management of the LED, with 3 modes: on, off, auto (blinking)
  • Incrementation of an internal counter
  • Management of a speed variator used for counter incrementation and LED blinking
  • Display of analog values: voltage and temperature
Various files are provided in the installation directory of IoTize Studio:
  • The C source file and .h files (in *\Examples\Sensor_STM32_DemoSensor_tem*) for various derivatives
  • The hex and elf files (in *\Examples \Sensor_STM32_Demo\Sensor_tem\out\ STM_32_precompiled\F1\F103*...). The ELF file is also available HERE
  • The SVD file for STM32F103 microcontroller (in *\SVD\STM32*)
  • The Sensor Demo application has been "IoTized"
    • Your TapNLink Primer has been pre-configured at manufacturing and the package Sensor_demo app+ TapNLink Primer is ready to illustrate monitoring and Data Logging.
    • The related IoTize Studio Project Sensor_demo.iotz can be edited and modified.

Use the Sensor Demo example to:

  • Make your first HMI on mobile thanks to Tap Manager
  • Make your first Mobile Application with IoTize Studio and the App Generator
  • Program your own STM32 board, using the appropriate elf file
  • Compile (and potentially modify the source file) for an STM32 derivative (using the .h files) or for another Arm® Cortex®
  • Test the S3P protocol on the same port instead of the SWD debug protocol.