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iOS / Android differences on IoTize products

The only difference between android and apple devices whilst using IoTize products is the use of NFC.

Apple's NFC limitations depend on the iPhone model and iOS version (see table).

  • Using NFC on an Apple device opens a popup that stays open for the entire communication, and prevents the use of the application during the NFC communication.

  • Apple devices do work in "3-stroke" mode, even though they use NFC, because the UI does not matter in this mode (during the communication).

  • Automatic launch of an app by tapping, differs from Android: When iOS detects a Tap, a notification appears on the iPhone which offers to launch the associated app (instead of doing it directly like android). This is only possible with "background tag reading" iPhones (see table).

Effect on apps

Tap Manager:

No NFC connection to Tap in iOS. However, NFC can be used to choose the Tap to connect to it via a remote protocol.

Generated applications:

As above, no NFC connection only for monitoring. It is possible to do 3-stroke mode.


Feature Compatible Models
NFC communication over iOS All devices using iOS 13 or +
Background Tag Reading iPhone XS, XR, 11, SE2, 12 (all models later than iPhone XS, included)