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Modify parameters

The Sensor demo default user is anonymous, there is no password.

We suggest you logon as different users and observe how the behaviour of the app changes. Use the burger icon to toggle between the Logon screen and the Monitor screen.


TapNLink Primers are pre-configured with 3 users who have different rights:

  • anonymous: monitors (read only) various variables and does not require a login
  • tech: anonymous rights, plus read/write access to Count_Control (default login: tech, PW: tech).
  • admin: read/write access to all bundles, can modify TapNLink configuration (default login: admin, PW: admin).


All users can increase the temperature, for example by pressing your finger on the target board's STM32 MCU and view this change in real-time on the monitoring page.

Logon as tech (or as admin):

  • Touch the LED monitoring section to access additional R/W variables:
  • Blinking mode : On, Off, Toggle
  • Blinking period (in ms) used for counting and LED blinking (enter a low value for a faster LED blinking and counting, and reciprocally)
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