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Start Android Socket Relay

  1. Network settings
  2. Setup the Android device network settings.
    • Enable BLE, and NFC (if you want to trigger the connection using NFC, which is simpler).
    • Connect your Android device to the WiFi network OR setup your mobile device as a WiFi hotspot.
  3. Connect your PC to the same WiFi network as the Android device.
  4. Connect Tap to Android device

  5. Tap your Android device on your Tap (or launch Tap Manager manually).

  6. Open the navigation menu (swipe your finger from the very left to right), then:

    • Set up relay

      Target Settings

    • If no device is selected:

    • Click to select a device and select your Tap.

    • Scan for modules if your Tap is not displayed.

    • Check your Tap name and Tap Serial Number are correct.

    • Select socket mode (mandatory for a first connection).
    • Note the IP address.
    • Start the relay.

If Tap Manager has problems creating a Socket connection, try setting up the relay again, or just click on the Socket menu and change the port number. Phone menu

Phone menu

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