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Connect to a device

Tap Manager offers several utility features if you connect directly to a module. Different actions can be performed depending on the state of the module: initialized or not.

With a module already initialized

Several commands can be executed in order to check/test the configuration of the module. Note: all these actions may be limited depending on the rights provided by the login. Try to connect as admin/admin to access to most of them.

  • Info: reading the main public data (versions, etc.).

Information on module

  • Administration: reset, software update, execution of lwM2M commands (within the limits of the permissions provided by the login)

Administration of the module

  • Setting up communication channels (WiFi SSID,...), again within the limits of the authorizations

Connectivity settings

  • Users (profiles and user creation),


  • 'target' protocol parameters: baud rate if UART,...

Target protocol settings

  • Relay Mode

This mode allows to uses a local connection (for example NFC or BLE) for a remote access (for example MQTT). Then encryption is done from end to end and the relay device is seen as a pure pipe used for transportation of encrypted data.

With a blank module (uninitialized)

After performing a 'factory reset' from the 'Administration' menu, configuration wizards are then available:

  • To quickly create an HMI whose characteristics will be saved in the module,

  • In the case of Internet-connectable modules (Wi-Fi), to create a cloud environment on AWS.

These features are described here.

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