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Generated Application

How to install my generated application

Android APK

The app generator server generates an APK (Android Application Package) that you can install on your Android device.

To get the generated APK you have several options:

  • Open the download link received by email
  • Go to
  • Click on your App
  • Go to Build
  • Click on the build id you want to open, usually the first one in the list
  • In the "Generated files" card, find the .apk file and click on "Download"

Tips: directly download the generated APK on your mobile device

Once you have downloaded the .apk file on your device,

The application you are using to open the file must be authorized to install app from unknown source => // TODO documentation

At the end of the installation, make sure there is the message "App installed".

You may a


  • On your phone, email application may block the download link URL. If it's the case, copy the link and past it inside your favorite browser.
  • Android says "App could not be installed": it may happen if you already have an application with the same identifier installed on your device. You must first desinstall it to install your new application. You can also change the application identifier of your generated app (TODO doc). However be aware that you will also need to reconfigure your Taps devices as the app id to launch is also store inside your Tap.
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