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Modbus Direct example

Important note: TapNPass default configuration includes the Modbus Direct feature. The following steps (3 to 8) explain how you may configure your TapNPass on your own. (You can change the communication settings (physical port, baudrate, etc) with IoTize Toolbox, but the modification is temporary. In order to store these settings on the TapNPass, you have to run through steps 3 to 8.)

  1. Required equipment.
  2. Connect cable to TapNPass.

  3. Create project.

3.1 Generate a Modbus Dictionary CSV file.

3.2 Modbus Register Dictionary Variable Settings.

  1. Configure Access Control.

  2. Configure Target System.

  3. Configure Tap: Keep the default values for this sub-section (mainly security parameters).

  4. Configure to use HTML pages.

  5. Setup relay between TapNPass and IoTize Studio using Tap Manager App.

  6. Launch Configuration|Write to Tap command from the main menu of IoTize Studio.

  7. Check in IoTize Studio Output View for successful config.

  8. Run a Read test.