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'Serial Standard' example

In this example we re-configure TapNPass to perform an 'Echo test' using IoTize Toolbox mobile app. You could also develop your own native app using the related APIs.

  1. Pre-requisites.

  2. Connect RS-232 cable to TapNPass.

  3. Open IoTize Studio Terminal project ...\Examples\Terminal\terminal.iotz using IoTize Studio File|Open.

  4. Configure Access Control (already configured, for info. only).

  5. Configure Communication (already configured, for info. only).

  6. Setup relay: follow these instructions to:

  7. Set up a relay between your TapNPass and IoTize Studio, using Tap Manager App.

  8. Configure IoTize Studio (on your PC) to find the socket relay, and your Tap.

  9. Launch Configuration|Write to Tap from the main menu of IoTize Studio.

  10. Check IoTize Studio Output View for successful configuration.

  11. Run an 'Echo test'.