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Modbus Variable Example

  1. Required equipment (same as Modbus Direct).
  2. Connect cable to TapNPass (same as Modbus Direct).
  3. Create project (same as Modbus Direct).

3.1 Generate a Modbus Dictionary CSV file (same as Modbus Direct).

3.2 Modbus Register Dictionary Variable Settings (same as Modbus Direct).

  1. Set up Target communication options (same as Modbus Direct).

  2. Configure Tap (same as Modbus Direct): Keep the default values (mainly security parameters).

  3. Configure Mobile App

  4. Create variable

  5. Publish the HTML files

  6. Connect TapNPass via BLE, or use Tap Manager App to set up a relay between your TapNPass and IoTize Studio.

  7. Launch Configuration|Write to Tap command from the main menu of IoTize Studio.
  8. Check in IoTize Studio Output View for successful config.
  9. Click Monitor button to view the HTML pages in IoTize Studio (using built-in HTML page generator).

  10. Observe the HTML pages on mobile device

    Tap mobile device on TapNPass to launch Tap Manager App (which retrieves and runs the published HTML pages).

    or, launch Tap Manager App manually, then select BLE device corresponding to your TapNPass.

  11. Customize your HTML pages(optional)
    • You can customize the HTML page, using web technologies (css, HTML...) for example to take into account your graphical charter.
    • You can store the modified HTML page(s) in another directory on your PC.
    • You must update the fields Home Page and Website Path for monitoring accordingly (from the main menu Studio, accessible on the top left).